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From Founders Desk

A Lively Learning Experience

While opening an educational institution is compared to the opening of an industrial enterprise – “a startup” – it very clearly indicates the mushroom growth of schools, colleges and even deemed universities as money making centers. I am at my wits end to convince the guardians and students to take them to a highly ideal qualitative education. In the present scenario education along with its fake degrees and mark sheets go hand in hand with corruption.

                Despite all this prevails, this is my humble and honest efforts to do something better for younger generation to fulfill their aspirations and my ambition, I very honestly wish to have cooperation and patronage of local public. The country needs the skill and talent of our boys and girls to take India to the higher pinnacles of achievement through modern innovative world of today.

        I confidently assure you and appeal to all to come along with us for your brighter future.

                               -Smt. Pallavi & Sri Anand Mohan Pradhan

From Managers Desk

Education is the manifestation of perfection which is already in men-                   


This newly established college of ours situated hardly eight kms. Away from the main city Bahraich which has got the pride of having two very old –some six decades –Colleges, one can guess how tough it is  to gain the good will and publicity.

      Still with our scanty means and resources and eager desire to do something better and untraditional suiting to the present perspective of changing and challenging new educational pattern, this management of ours will completely transform both the students and teachers. Ministry of human resource and U.G.C. both wants to bring about new digital system in education to make it more programmatic and extra modern. Multitudes of students both boys and girls are hopelessly wondering in search of jobs & career with degrees and certificates but no inner strengths of their own. Our efforts would be to prepare them fit and suitable for 21st century India.

                                                                                                                                                -Utkarsh Pradhan

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